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  fluID - arena of identities

This game is about finding your identity (if you have got one), to change your identity, to steal or borrow another person's identity or to destroy identities.

What is an identity? It is the idea that single parts of yourself belong together. It is the idea that your past, your present and your future all belong to one single owner, called: YOU.

Of course this is an illusion. You are not the person you used to be. You differ from what you were yesterday. You change at every instance of a second.

The fluID game puts you into a terrain of identities where you start as a perfect nobody. You have got no face, no name, no clothes, no sex, not anything which differentiates you from other players.

Get on the road! Try to be someone!

First thing you have to do is to escape from the place you've been spawned into. Find the

The River of Permanent Change
Whenever you step into the river (which never looks the same) you acquire a new physical appearance

Narciss's Lake
Beware of the danger of looking at yourself and nobody else but yourself. There are enemies ourside which might attack you whether you are aware of them or not.

The Laboratory of Style
This is a place where you are tempted and easily seduced to slip into a fake identity of brand CI's and cultural cliches.

The Hall of Mirrors
As Lichtenstein once put it: "If a monkey looks into a mirror it is hardly probable that an angel will look back." You will find yourself faced with your mirrored image: scaled, flipped, transformed and superimposed by fake reproductions of yourself.

The fluID - SkinGun
Once you have found this gun, you have the power to strip off another person's surface textures.

The Factory of Reproduction
Make 1, 2, 100 copies of yourself. Very usefull! (But how to get rid of them again?)

A game by: fuchs-eckermann
(concept, 3D modelling, animation, textures, sounds, gameplay)

commissioned by MiDiHy und MVD
for SELFWARE.games

(Unreal scripting: Christopher Beckford, Mark Walsh
additional modelling: Matt Bell, Todd Gantzler, Matt Vitalone
additional shots: Massimo Buffalardi)