Design 1, Design 3 (Computer and Video Games)
Unit 18 - 19th February 2002

Pushable Objects with Sounds

Not all of the decoration objects in Unreal provide a fine sound effect when pushed.

I wrote a new class called "siba_statue", which consists basically of a red vertical rod, which produces a sound when pushed around.

You can easily change the appearance of the statue by assigning another LODmesh to it. You can easily change the push sound by assigning another sound effect to it.

The whole package's source files, which you have to compile once you installed them, can be downloaded here (223 kB). Once you have unzipped the files, create a folder called "siba_decoration" in your UnrealTournament folder. Carefully move the classes, models, textures and sounds into this folder. Compile the package using WOTgreal or the command line command "ucc.exe -make".

There is a test level called Push_Statue.unr, which you might download here (3 kB).