Game Art
- Norbert Bayer


Norbert Bayer: Ministeck Series. Since 2001

Fig.: Norbert Bayer with his contribute to an exhibition celebrating the 30th birthday of Hello Kitty at HIDE AND SEE.K, Kitty & Friends Exhibition, 2006.

Norbert Bayer aka "Mister Ministeck" is known for his notorious pixelextravaganza and has created an unexpected renaissance of an almost forgotten technique: The mosaic.
His mosaics are special: They’re made from plastic. To be exact: From little plastic pieces, placed on a grid.

The pieces are based on a popular German childrens' toy: The Ministeck system. It is connotative of the livingroom aesthetics of the 70ies, but it also is rich of connotations to pixelated early computer and video games. The image below is a detail from one of Bayer's relief sculptures that refers to Super Mario Bros.