Design 1, Design 3 (Computer and Video Games)
Unit 7 - 19th, 21st November 2002

Sound Essentials - Loops

Sounds can be played in a looped mode in Unreal and in a non-looped mode - "one shot" as they are often referred to. Unreal does not provide you with the possibility to change the character of a sound from looped to unlooped or vice versa. You have to do that outside the editor in a sound editing programme like SoundForge or CoolEdit.

How to save a soundfile as a looped one

First of all, open the sound you recorded or synthesized with SoundForge. (I use version 5, but SoundForge 4.5 does as well.

Next got to the "Special" menu and select "Edit Sample". In the dialogue box shown above you might want to check "Sustaining" and "Infinite Loop".

Save your file as a .wav format file notice that you have to keep the "Save Sampler Information in File" checkbox checked. Do not save Regions and Markers.

That's it for SoundForge users. CoolEdit users encounter a similar situation with a slightly different look.