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Question: How do I build a transparent hanging sign for a museum?

Answer: You have to create a transparent Targa file in Photoshop and texture a sheet with it.

Start off in Photoshop by creating a new image called "Sign". Select Transparent Contents. Image size should be Unreal compatible, i.e. 128 x 64 or the like.

Draw, paint or write something upon the transparent background (checkerboard structure).

Looks like a hanging sign, doesn't it? Save your image as a .tga file

and use a resolution of 32 bits/ pixel to save the alpha channel information.

Quit Photoshop and open UnrealEd. We assume that you already have a room built where you want to hang your sign. Let's import the .tga image into the Texture Browser. We just select Import Texture and browse for our .tga image called "Sign". It is important that the Alpha checkbox is selected in the Options.

You should have a transparent Texture available now. In the case of this example the texture was not saved to a external .utx Texture Package, but to the .ut2 map itself. This is achieved by calling the package "MyLevel" and afterwards saving the map. (Not the texture package however!) The transparent texture is now contained in "signroom.ut2".

Let's put the texture upon a vertically aligned sheet.

Here we go. Rebuild, save and run your level.

Download this example (26 kB) to see the hanging sign in your room. Note the shadow on the wall.

Take care! Photoshop CS8 seems to have problems with transparent images. It works fine with version 5, 6 and 7.