Recently Asked Questions

Question: I want to record a Unreal level to digital video. How do I transfer the movie to video tape?

Answer: The quick and dirty way is to put a graphics card with a tv-out into your computer. Connect the PC with your VHS recorder, press record on your VHS recorder, play the level. Enjoy the tape.

There are certain problems with this. I had an NVIDIA card which restricted tv out resoulutions to a composite signal with 800 x 600. The results looked horrible.

If you want to record a miniature clip, you might want to use a screen capture programme like Snagit, www.techsmith.com turn down the screen resolution of Unreal, set it to "open in a window" with some 320 x 240, and record with Snagit.
This works well for INTERNET documentations.

There is whole community of Unreal movie makers now, which call their work "machinima". You find their work on www.machinima.com. A tutorial by s of how to produce a movie with Unreal can be found at http://www.machinima.com/displayarticle2.php?article=316