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Question: Why do my StudioMax objects have an invisible inside ?

Answer: You have to take care that all the triangular polygons of your Lightwave object or of your StudioMax object are doublesided. It doesn't help to just define the surface upon a face as being doublesided.

The image underneath shows a 10 polygon object. Each triangular polygon has a dotted yellow line pointing upwards and another one downwards. This indicates that there are two faces with identical vertices in every case, one of them pointing up, the other one down.

Download this example (433 k) to see an object thin as a sheet, which looks as if it had 5 faces, it has 10 though and can be viewed from both sides. You have to unzip the file, move Mathias_Fuchs_3Dexample.utx into the system folder of your Unreal installation and Mathias_Fuchs_3Dtest.usx into the staticmeshes folder of your Unreal installation.