The History of Crossover Art
- NIC2001, Nordic Interactive Conference in Copenhagn


Reinert Mithassel & Trond Lossius. 2001

Fig.: Improvising fish

Ekkofisk is a realtime organic-digital sound installation.

"Finally fish get a chance to express their suppressed musicality - through their expressive flowing movements they get a voice to share their sad duet.

By a video-based three-dimensional tracking system, computers continuously extract the individual xyz coordinates of two fish in a large tank.
In real-time, these are put through a conglomerate of mathematical processes, and within milliseconds converting their speed, distance, depth etc. into sound on a quadraphonic system."

(Mithassel and Lossius)

Ekkofisk is a fatamorgana project (
Supported by Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst - BEK
Reinert Mithassel is the founder and artistic director of Fatamorgana.
With his background from the performing arts, he creates diverse multi-disciplinary arts-collaboration productions.

Trond Lossius (Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst) is a composer/computer wizard.
He developed composed, and programmed the sound of Ekkofisk
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It might be interesting in this context to compare Mithassel's and Lossius' fish installation to a series of designs by another artist: the Barcelona based designer Marti Giuxé.