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- Happening - Alan Kaprow

Alan Kaprow introduced the idea of participation - as opposed to visiting - into the discourse of art in the late 1950ies.

His piece "18 Happenings in Six Parts" has fist been shown in the New Yorker Reuben Gallery. Yet the term "shown" is not correct in regard to Kaprow's intentions. Kaprow clearly distinguishes between "participants" und "visitors". the setup for Kaprow's happening consisted of a number of paravents, dividing the entire space into performance spaces. Kaprow instructed visitors to move from station to station during the happening.

Alan Kaprow: 18 Happenings. 1959

In 1959 Kaprow's "18 Happenings in Six Parts", one of the first happenings took place in the New Yorker Reuben Gallery.

One of the many essays - written in 1990 - that Allen Kaprow has written during his lifetime is called "Meaning of Life". Aside from the fact that it ends with a recipe for making bagels, it implicitly reiterates a thesis that Kaprow put forth thirty-two years earlier, in an Art News article titled "The Legacy of Jackson Pollock". Written in 1958, this manifesto-like essay predicted that the space and objects of our everyday life would become the most important art-making tools for the coming generation of artists.


Alan Kaprow: Tire Tower. 1979

In 1979 Kaprow realized a piece for the 6th "Kunstwoche des Ruhrpark Shopping Centers" in Bochum.