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- Russian Futurism

Futurism started when Marinetti and his fellow musicians, artists and poets published the Futurist manifestos in various newspapers. The Futurists loved speed, noise, machines, pollution, and cities. During the same time a futurist movement came into existence in Italy and in Russia. Politically the Russian Futurists differed a lot from their Italian colleagues, the later sympathizing with Mussolini and promoting war and destruction. The Russian futurists however - though subscribing to a similar aesthetic line - had much less inclination towards death and decadence and promoted an aesthetical as well as political revolution.

Arsenij Avraamov: Concerto for Factory Sirens. 1922

Fig.: Arsenij Avraamov conducting with two torches in his hands

Arsenij Avraamov's best-known creation appeared in the Caspian port of Baku for the Fifth Anniversary of the Soviet Republic on 7 November 1922. This bruitist spectacular, called the Symphony of the Factory Sirens, used the services of a huge cast of choirs (joined by spectators), the foghorns of the entire Caspian flotilla, two batteries of artillery guns, a number of full infantry regiments (including a machine-gun division) hydroplanes, and all the factory sirens of Baku. Conductors posted on specially built towers signaled various sound units with colored flags and pistol shots. A central "steam-whistle machine" pounded out "The Internationale" and "La Marseillaise" as noisy "autotransports" (half-tracks) raced across Baku for a gigantic sound finale in the festival square. Villages far beyond the walls of Baku could hear the revolutionary melodies of Avraamov's percussive concert.