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- Fluxus

George Brecht was one of the Fluxus artists, who obviously was influenced by John Cage's ideas and by John Cage's sense of humour.

George Brecht: Drip Music. 1959

"For single or multiple performance. A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls into the vessel."

Note, that Brecht also published two other versions of his Dirp Music:
Drip Music, Second Version, 1959


Drip Music, Fluxversion 1, 1959

"First performer on a tall ladder pours water from a pitcher very slowly down into the bell of a French horn or tuba held in the playing position by a second performer at floor level."

George Brecht: Concerto for Orchestra, Fluxversion 3. 1962


"The orchestra is divided into two teams, winds and strings, sitting in opposing rows. Wind instruments must be prepared so as to be able to shoot out peas. This can be accomplished by inserting a long, narrow tube into wind instruments. String instruments are strung with rubber bands which are used to shoot paper missiles. Performers must hit a performer on the opposite team with a missile. A performer hit three times must leave the stage. Missiles are exchanged until all performers on one side are gone.

Conductor acts as referee."


George Brecht: Octet for Winds. 1964



"Equal number of performers seat themselves opposite each other. A large pan of water is placed between the two groups and a toy sailboat is placed on the water. Performers blow their wind instruments at the sail of the boat pushing it to the opposing group. Both groups try to blow the boat away from themselves and toward the other group. If possible, all performers should play some popular tune while blowing on the sail. Piece ends when the boat reaches one end or the other of the pan."