The videoclips on this page show streaming video walkthroughs through the games.

  33 1/3 Revolutions (2016). This is a walkthrough through the game art piece "33 1/3 Revolutions" that was premiered in Hongkong during ISEA2016. “33 1/3 Revolutions” is a game art installation that deals with Hongkong’s record store culture and with vinyl records as objects of tangible heritage and cross-cultural importance. The game presents a fictitious urban environment that is constructed from pictures that are taken from Hongkong record stores. The level consists of a vinyl hero, a "digitization spaceship", buildings and huge vinyl records that are larger than (wo)man-sized and invite the player to start and stop the respective music contained on these records. 
  33 1/3 Revolutions (another take from the piece). The single player computer game built with the Unity3D editor has been set up for active audio-gaming for ISEA festival visitors. Thanks to Tara Hagemann for taking on-location photos for the project.

(Below: The Hongkong PolyU exhibition site)

borderline at ISEA2011. This is a game about borders and conflict zones in Europe. It has been staged at the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb in a large screen installation (20 meters wide) during ISEA2011.

(Below: night view of the 20 meters projection on the exterior wall of the Museum of Modern Art)

Urbanvinyl (2009). An audio game about "Madchester" music and record culture. This piece has been commissioned by Manchester's URBIS museum for urban- and popular culture and has been exhibited there in 2009.

(Below: aerial view of the museum)

postvinyl at resfest2005/ Vienna. "Postvinyl" is a project in progress developing space age tools for the DJ. Our current game level contains recordplayers, records, sleeves and posters to be viewed at the discretion of the virtual DJ. The level was built in close collaboration with Olly Farshi (Manchester), Andrew Odia (Manchester), and Mathias Fuchs (AT/ GB). The current version enables the DJ to scratch in V-space. Sonic spaces will be constructed as ludic 3D environments and the DJ player pawn will be armed with a soundgun - a powerful tool to emanate his sounds. Think of the old fashioned DJ-suitcase with its content of vinyls as his pickup base - and the samples of his AKAI as his audio ammunition.

PlastiCity (2005) with Steve Manthorpe, Kevin Ward and Umran Ali.
This is a game about architectural visions and the gamification of urban planning.The possible impact of Will Alsop's masterplan for Bradford and possible counter-scenarios developed by the citizens could be experienced in third person view in a computer game calld PlastiCity. The development of the game was supported by Bradford City Council, the Lighwave project and the University of Bradford.

Virtual Jean-Claude (2004) with Don Foresta and Umran Ali.
A lecture by French composer Jean-Claude Risset has been transformed into a Virtual Knowledgespace, which allows users/ listeners to interactively navigate through the 3D environment consiting of Risset's words, music and images. The game was first presented at ScGlobal in Pittsburgh on 4th November 2004. The technology we used then was he AccessGrid multi/channel videoconferencing system. This system that could be seen as a high quality predecessor of SKYPE used a network of dedicated servers to guarantee glitchfree, low latency communication. 

fluID - arena of identities (2003). This game dveloped by fuchs-eckermann is about finding your identity (if you have got one), about changing your identity, stealing or borrowing another person's identity or about destroying identities. What is an identity? It is the idea that single parts of yourself belong together. It is the idea that your past, your present and your future all belong to one single owner, called: YOU. Of course this is an illusion. You are not the person you used to be. You differ from what you were yesterday. You change at every instance of a second.
The fluID game puts you into a terrain of identities where you start as a perfect nobody. You have got no face, no name, no clothes, no sex, not anything which differentiates you from other players. Get on the road! Try to be someone!