‹vspace=4›: 1998 interactive installation for an elevator, O.K. Linz/A



For »ArchiveX« fuchs-eckermann have developed an installation that simultaneously address the site and the structure of being archived.

The site of the installation ‹vspace=4› is the elevator shaft and the lift cabin of the Offenes Kulturhaus. The elevator borders horizontally on the old and the new parts of the building and vertically connects the old floors with the new upper deck. An exhibition visitor who takes the elevator, [involuntarily] becomes a producer and a recipient of ‹vspace=4›. When someone enters the elevator, a camera switches on, records the current »visitor« and stores the picture for the lift »archive«. The current picture is projected to the external side wall by a video projector on the roof of the elevator. [...] An acoustic program runs simultaneously with the visual interventions in the elevator, which plays with the verticality of the movement and with the figure of the »bugging operation«.

[Elke Krasny, from the catalogue »Archive X«]
»ArchivX« Linz/A, O.K. Center for Contemporary Art