REWIND: 1993, interactive computerinstallation, Turku/ FI


During a media festival in Turku/ Finland we set up an interactive multimedia workstation which presented to the visitor of the festival a condensed compilation of the works of all the artists who had participated in the festival. The REWIND project featured an internal memory of a physical location. The location of the SAFE changed its shape during 14 days in September 1993. A series of artists transformed the visual and acoustical appearance of the SAFE daily. The REWIND project was presented at the last day of the exhibition series. The idea was to store/save the changes having taken place during the previous fortnight, i.e. different szenarios created by the artists and the changes coming from visitors and the light situation during the day. This freeze-frame pictures and sounds were made available whenever somebody came in and wanted to go for a trip - not in space but in time. Each day we took a number of video-stills and of tape recordings which threw a glance at the place. All the sounds and pictures taken were then fed into an interactive program, which we exhibited on the fourteenth day of the exhibition series. The REWIND project set up a scenario which mainly consisted of the SAFE itself and the memorized sights and sounds of the SAFE. A Macintosh computer and four loudspeakers served as the memory of the room. The visitor who entered was encouraged to navigate in the room's memory by typing commands into the computer. In this way he was able to make the sounds and sights of the recent past audible and visible at his own will.

REWIND: 1993, interactive computerinstallation, Turku/ FI SAFE, Mediagalleria curated by Tuike and Simo Alitalo