MOONRIVER: 1994, underwater installation, Turku/ FI


In the middle of the Aurajoki river in Turku/ Finland, in front of the Titanik gallery, a glowing sphere was floating on the water. Inside this sphere there was a microphone and a lamp. The microphone picked up the sounds of the river. The sounds were transfered into the gallery space,
where a hemisphere was situated on the wall at visitors' eyelevel. The hemisphere contained a central hole inside which a loud-speaker and a little videomonitor have been placed. The loudspeaker emited the sound of the river, the video showed the scenary of the night, when the sphere was floating glimmering like a fallen moon on the river and fishes were swimming over this pictures. The original sounds were manipulated by a digital effects processor in realtime. The sphere on the river had to be fixed to the ground with an anchor. The glimmering sphere was not only a container for the microphone but also a nice object pointing to the exhibition at Titanik gallery.

MOONRIVER: 1994 underwater installation, Turku/ FIN, Titanik Gallery