LINK 1-3 : 1993-94, para-real staircase FI/I/A


The project LINKattempted to draw attention to the locality of a staircase. We showed the piece in Bolzano/ Italy, Vienna/ Austria and Helsinki. Each site was equipped with a different soundtrack accompaning the visitor on his way up or down the stairs. Also the buildings housing the stairs and the stairs themselves were different: a metal staircase construction in Vienna; classicist stone stairs in Bolzano and a large multi-winged staircase in Helsinki. The orange carpet however linked the different locations like a red thread. For ISEA 94 in Helsinki we choose the staircase of the Museum of Contemporary Art as the project location. The sounds of walking people which were usually audible on the stairs, were superimposed by sounds especially designed for the specific circumstances.

By covering the staircase with an orange carpet we confronted the visitors with a new sensual impression when walking up the stairs. Not only had their auditory environment changed - the visual and tactile surroundings seemed altered as well. As a consequence of the alterations in the audio-visual environment we achieved a fundamental change of the visitors' perception of the location.

LINK 1-3:
1994-93, para-real staircase, Helsinki/ FI, ISEA'94 Museum of Contemp.Art
Bolzano/ I, Museum of Modern Arts
Vienna/ A, Kunsthalle