JUMPING: 1995 sound/video installation, Norwich/ GB


In 1993 we visited the Duchamp exhibition in Venice. One of the black & white movies shown there had a short sequence of a female dancer jumping towards the observer. The shot was taken from underneath a glass plate with the dancer jumping down on it from above. We found the sequence so appealing because of its reversal of orientation and the irritation concerning the nature of the object which is visible. It reminded us of a blossoming flower, shot with a time-lapse camera. Our intention was to create a whole video clip from variations of the observed situation and thereby embrace the visitor with a pulsating imagery of quasi-abstract movement. During a 3 weeks investigation on rhythmical patterns in the domain of sound and image we composed a video sequence featuring steps from different people at various pace and gestural expression. In this way the steps being the main constituent of the piece helped us to explore one bodily movement in detail: the approximation of a human foot to the sensorium of the observer [i.e. the ear, the eye, but also the microphone, the video camera].

JUMPING: 1995 sound/video installation, Norwich/ GB, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts