ENTREE/SORTIE: 1991-92, sound/sight installation - joint project

26 Doors, recorded in Vienna, february 1990, were assembled in a little »sound & vision« package. They were intended to serve as a sound vocabulary and starting material. These sounds had been sent to artists in various cities, accompanied by the pictures, in order to be transformed and aranged by them. The result of the exchange was broadcast by Kunstradio.

Composers: Igor Lintz-Maués [Brazil] •  Mathias Fuchs [A]  Lisa Sirois [USA]  Zora-Maria Bauer [D]  Edwin Pfanzagel [A]  Elisabeth Schimana [A]  Simon Waters [UK]  Martin Ebner, Lydia Lindner, Wolfgang Tockner [A]  Rik Rue [Australia]  Gunter Schneider [A]
1991, sound/sight installation - joint project, ORF Vienna/ A, Galerie Theuretzbacher
1992 - Mexico City/ MEX, Instituto des Bellas Artes