LEVELBOSS ON HOLIDAY: 2000, audio/visual installation, Festspielhaus Bregenz/ A


Accompanying a Fashion Show in the west of Austria the audio-visual clips refer to the topics of virtual clothing, transformation of the skin and body shaping. A computer generated humanoid travels through a virtual environment of gamelike nature. There are spaces resembling outer space, the ocean, a hotel, a tube, a swimming pool and others. The virtual creature adapts to the surfaces, shapes and atmospheres of its surrounding. The show is presented on 4 vertical dataprojections with the size of 5x8 meters each and a loudspeaker set-up of 10 speakers at differing heights.

Fashion Flash 2000 was conceived and directed by unit-f [Ulrike Tschabitzer and Andreas Bergbaur]
Architects: the nextENTERprise
[e.j.fuchs - mth.harnoncourt]

screenshots of the movie: Levelboss on Holiday