Projects: Collaborating artists and scientists for my projects include
Oliver Farshi, Andy Odia, Steve Manthorp, Vera Schlusmans, Don Foresta, Teemu Metsälä and Roger Lyons, Paul Sermon, Steve Dixon, Juan Hiriart, Herbert Lachmayer, Gerhard Hanappi, Sylvia Eckermann, Umran Ali, Kelvin Ward, Michelle Jay, and many more.

Academic Work:
Read more on the Theory of Game Art, New Media, Sonic Art and Creative Technology...
Year Project Project Type Collaboration with

Game Art by Mathias Fuchs has been shown at:

Cultural R>Evolutions Hong Kong
16 - 22 May 2016

Coded Cultures Vienna
27 - 30 May 2009

Playful Experience University of Tampere, Finland
2-4 April 2009

playfulness Vienna
28 - 31 Oct 2008

ICT in Exhibitions Manchester
6 October 2008

ISEA2008 Singapore
25 - 30 July 2008

Urban Screens Manchester
11 October 2007

Lacking In Discipline Manchester
29 June 2007

Le Cube Paris Issy
10 Decembre 2006

29 July - 1 August 2006

GamesDevelopersConference San Jose, California
20 - 21 March 2006

Digital Cultures Lab Nottingham
30 November 2005

Hotel Ritz Paris
7 - 11 October 2005

Kunsthalle Wien Symposium Spiele,
30 August 2005

SIGGRAPH Los Angeles
4 August 2005

DIGRA Vancouver,
19 July 2005

Uncanny and Uncomfortable
Providence, Rhode Island
April 2005

SCGlobal Pittsburgh
4 Nov 2004

ISEA2004 Helsinki and Tallinn
Aug 2004

cyber@rt Bilbao
26 - 28 April 2004




2017 Ab ins Meer!  Interactive Touch Table Installation, Dortmund 2017|GER Kajetan von Hollen and Kersten Bennecke
2016 33 1/3 Revolutions  Game Art Installation, Hong Kong 2016|HK Tara Hagemann
2015 Lüneburg 3D  digital heritage simulation, Lüneburg 2015|GER Enrique Perez and Marvin Töllner
2006 Legible Ocean  arificial life environment, London 2006|UK Giuseppe Lucido and Kelvin Ward
2005 PlastiCity  a game on urban planning, Bradford 2005|UK, San Jose|USA [GDC 2006] Steve Manthorp, Vera Schlusmans and Umran Ali
  postvinyl  VDJ tool, Vancouver |CA [Digra 2005], Vienna|A [resfest 2005] Oliver Farshi, Andy Odia, Michelle Jay
  Uncanny  telematic performance , Pittsburgh| USA [PSi #11 2005] Paul Sermon, Andrea Zapp, Steve Dixon
  Virtual Jean-Claude Risset  virtual knowledgespace about composer Jean-Claude Risset, UK Don Foresta, Umran Ali and Kelvin Ward
  re:loc  a game about relocatable heritage, Manchester 2004, UK Fee Plumley
futureDJ   a game for DJs, Manchester 2004, UK and ISEA2004, Helsinki|FIN Teemu Metsälä and Roger Lyons, Sylvia Eckermann
FemCity   a game for girls, office of women affairs Vienna|A fuchs-eckermann, Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Gerhard Hanappi
03 fluID   arena of identities, game environment, selfware.GAMES|Graz 2003, A fuchs-eckermann
01 EXPOSITUR    virtual knowledge space, game environment, KIASMA Helsinki|FIN fuchs-eckermann
00 PLAN-IT!    interactive installation, MindZone Millennium Dome London|UK Herbert Lachmeyer, fuchs-eckermann
999 LEVELBOSS ON HOLIDAY    audio/visual installation, Festspielhaus Bregenz|AT [Fashion Flash 2000] fuchs-eckermann
99 HOTEL SYNTHIFORNIA    game level for unreal, Public Netbase Vienna|AT [Synworld] fuchs-eckermann
998 TRAVELOGUE    webshow, Toronto|CA fuchs-eckermann
98 SOUNDCALENDAR    joint project for the WWW fuchs-eckermann
98 PATCHWORK PATCHLIFE    mediainstallation, Linzer Landesmuseum|AT [Work+Culture] Herbert Lachmeyer, fuchs-eckermann
98 ‹VSPACE=4›    interactive installation for an elevator, O.K Center f. Contemporary Art  Linz|AT fuchs-eckermann
97 SELFCONTAINED    phoneterror project, Public Netbase Vienna|AT fuchs-eckermann
97 UNDERWATER    digital Video fuchs-eckermann
96 JAPAN    audio/visual diary on the web fuchs-eckermann
96 BAD ROOM    sound installation, MuuGalery Helsinki|FI and Bogota|CO fuchs-eckermann
95 ALIENS    interactive webstory fuchs-eckermann
95 JUMPING    sound/video installation, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts Norwich|UK fuchs-eckermann
94 MOONRIVER    underwater installation, Titanik Gallery Turku|FI fuchs-eckermann
" LINK 3    para-real staircase, Ateneum Helsinki|FI [ISEA94] fuchs-eckermann
93 REWIND    interactive computerinstallation, Turku|FI Mediagalleria [SAFE] fuchs-eckermann
" LINK 2    para-real staircase, Kunsthalle Vienna|AT fuchs-eckermann
" LINK 1    para-real staircase, Museum of Modern Arts Bolzano|IT [SOUND] fuchs-eckermann
92 ENTREE/SORTIE    sound/sight installation - joint project, Galerie Theuretzbacher ORF Vienna|AT fuchs-eckermann
91 WIEN 1991    sound/sight pavilion, Historical Museum Vienna|AT fuchs-eckermann
90 ROSES    sound/sight/smell installation, FMK-Gallery Budapest|HU fuchs-eckermann
89 FAKESKIES    event, Fylkingen Stockholm|SE