33 1/3 Revolutions: 2016 Hong Kong

33 1/3 Revolutions

33 1/3 Revolutions is a game art installation that deals with Hong Kong’s record store culture and with vinyl records as objects of tangible heritage and cross-cultural importance. A single player computer game built with the Unity3D editor will be made accessible to festival visitors as well as a browser game that can be played online. The game presents a fictitious urban environment that is constructed from pictures that are taken from Hong Kong record stores. The level consists of a vinyl hero, a "digitization spaceship", buildings and huge vinyl records that are larger than (wo)man-sized and invite the player to start and stop the respective music contained on these records.

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You can start the game by clicking on the link below.


in Hong Kong 
Screenshot from the game 33 1/3 Revolutions

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(Unfortunately the Unity3D app will neither run on Chrome browsers nor on Firefox, version 4.3 or later. Try Safari or IExplorer.)
commissioned by ISEA2016

unity3D  implemented with Unity3D

Mathias Fuchs
LevelDesign, Art, Scripting
Tara Hagemann

Concept and Gameplay

The cultural history of 20th century apparatuses contains two machines that became iconic for youth culture, film, and Western civilization, both use a revolving device to achieve their functionality: The revolver (predecessors date back to the 16th century, but it is popularly known as the “colt” in Western movies) and the record player. Both of these apparatuses (let’s forget about the third potential sibling here: the KODAK carousel slide projector) meet in a game that celebrates turntables and vinyl music and equips the player with a revolver to fight against the dematerialisation of music.

A street in Hongkong

Screenshot 1, the Tiger label
Hongkong Record

Screenshot 2, an old Leeson & Co. record, Made in Germany