- netmeeting

Netmeeting is an integral part of Windows 2000. Being a Microsoft product, there is no Macintosh version yet. It is however possible to communicate with Macintosh users running CUSeeme when using the H.263 codec.

There is a number of audio and video codecs at choice. There is no choice of different video codecs.

Audio-Codecs available for
Video-Codecs available for
Microsoft G.723.1 8kHz Mono 6.400 Kbps
Microsoft G.723.1 8kHz Mono 5.300 Kbps
Lernout & Hauspie SBC 16 Kbps
Lernout & Hauspie SBC 8 Kbps
Lernout & Hauspie SBC 24 Kbps
Lernout & Hauspie CELP 4.8 Kbps