- iVisit

iVisit is a programme which they offer as a demo version for Macintoshes and PCs. These versions run for a few months and then you have to install the more recent version.

iVisit differs from CUSeeMe insofar as the access to individual users and groups of users is organized with "listings" and "rooms". The iVisit directory contains 2 kinds of things you may join: listings and rooms. Listings and loom are arranged within folders. Double clicking on a folder displays the rooms, listings, and folders it contains. Double clicking
on a room or listing displays the people it contains. If a folder, listing, or room requires a password to open or join, you will be asked to enter it.

You may be able to find information about a folder, listing or room by pressing the info button. When you join a room, you are automatically connected to everyone in it. When you join a listing, your name is added to the list, and you can then connect to other people in the list. You can join only one thing at a time. If you do not join a listing or room, your name does not appear on the directory, although people can still connect to you by using a bookmark.

There is a number of audio and video codecs at choice. I could not find out what "Old Style" is supposed to be.

Audio-Codecs available for
iVisit 26b7
Video-Codecs available for
iVisit 26b7
Lucent Elemedia SX8300 (8Kbps)
ADPCM4 (32 Kbps)
Old Style