- CUSeeMe Version 3.1.2

CUSeeMe 3.1.2 is the last of a series of noncommercial developments having been started at Cornell University. It is available for Macintoshes and PCs as well. A nice feature of the 3.1.2 version were so called "contact cards" which worked like bookmarks for persons and institutions you used to communicate with. (The feature has been eliminated in version 5)

The screenshot underneath shows how it feels to be the only guest in a conference at Tampere University.

There is a number of audio and video codecs at choice. Please note that the Cornell grayscale codec seems to produce lots of problems at more recent systems. It was the only codec available in the mid-90ies, but it is outdated now.

Audio-Codecs available for
CUSeeMe Version 3.1.2
Video-Codecs available for
CUSeeMe Version 3.1.2
G.723.1 elemedia(TM) (5.3 Kbps)
G.723.1 elemedia(TM) (6.4 Kbps)
Digi Talk (8.5 Kbps)
Delta-Mod (16 Kbps)
Intel DVI (32 Kbps)
HWhite Pine M-JPEG Codec 1.13
White Pine H.263
Cornell CUSeeMe gray (This codec makes my machine crash)