- CUSeeMe Version 5

CUSeeMe is a popular programme for videoconferencing which is available for Macintoshes and PCs as well. The most recent version (Version 5) is not yet available for Macs. PC users running it can however communicate with Mac users running an earlier version.

CUSeeme offers an easy way of joining chatrooms. In order to enter a chatroom (called "channel" in CUSeeMe talk) you have to register as a member first.

The screenshot underneath shows how a channel screen might look (in this case it is the "Latte Lounge" usually populated by some 10 to 25 users. If a channel is used by the maximum number of users allowed for that specific channel you can not enter any more.

Watch the blue buttons on the third row from the top of that window:
Microphone icon and slidebar: Switch your Mic on and off and control the mic's sensitivity.
Loudspeaker icon and slidebar: Switch your loudspeaker on and off and control the loudness.
Participants' window layout: You can choose between many small or a few large windows.
X: Cancel connection
Setup icon: This opens an extra window for individual settings or preferences.

The individual preferences are grouped according to the categories on the left column. In the screenshot below advanced settings are selected.

There is a number of audio and video codecs at choice. I accomplished decent sound quality when using Mu-law. Be prepared for analog phone quality of the 50ies though. If you arrive at echoes of your own voice you should adjust the squelch level.

Audio-Codecs available for
CUSeeMe Version 5
Video-Codecs available for
CUSeeMe Version 5
Digital (not H323 compatible)
G.711 A-law (High Bandwidth)
G.711 Mu-law (High Bandwidth)
G.723.1 elemedia(TM) (5.3 Kbps)
G.723.1 elemedia(TM) (6.4 Kbps)
MJPEG (not H323 compatible)