Gamification/ Ludification

Tuesday, 4:15 p.m.
Room: Leuphana Campus, C16.204
Lecturer: Mathias Fuchs

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The module will
- introduce into key texts of the research field of gamification/ ludification;
- enable students to investigate, categorise and value modes of gamification;
- allow students to critically analyse gamification in a cultural context;
- encourage students to develop innovative ideas for future forms of gamification;
- provide the students with an opportunity to undertake an extended piece of research in direct relation to their area of interest in the field;
- enable students to avoid cliché and stereotypes or use them consciously and creatively;
- enable students to develop an individual viewpoint, a politically conscious concept and intellectual and artistic skills to implement questions in regard to gender, ethnicity, age, and other socially relevant issues, and judge the ethical implications of their own work in terms of gender-related, ethnic, and political aspects...

Fig.: From left to right: Jennifer DeWinter, Sebastian Deterding, Carly Kocurek. Joost Raessens

The students will write an essay on a chosen topic that is relevant to gamification theory and will work on social, aesthetic, political or other aspects of gamification. The contribution to this project will be assessed in regard to its academic quality, creativity, background research, and cooperative practice in the development of the essay.