Game Art
- Aram Bartholl


Aram Bartholl: 1H. 2008.

Fig.: 1H. Intervention and performance series by Aram Bartholl. 2008.

“1H” is an intervention piece for public space. In a one day workshop a group of participants builds paper weapon models extracted from the online computer game "World of Warcraft". Oversized axes, swords and other archaic weapons are recreated in the exact 3D shape in physical space. Each participant builds his favorite one handed (1H) weapon from large inkjet plotts. In the public intervention the actor/participant carries the weapon model without 'using' it. The axe/ sword becomes part of every day life in public space while taking the metro or going to a store.


Aram Bartholl's instructions almost read like the verbal instruction of a Fluxus event:

1. Download the "1H" ripsaw paperlayout PDF.
2. Print all 25 sheets on A3 (42x30cm) paper on a color printer.
3. Crop printer margins of each page.
4. Sample and match with spray mount the tiled A3 sheets on two big card boards A0 sheets (100x70cm, ~200 gramm/m² weight).
5. Cut, mount and glue all parts. Follow the instructions and numbers on the print.
6. Optional: To create more "1H" weapon models you will need these software tools for 3D capture and papercraft: Ogle, GLintercept and Pepakura.
7. Take your favorite World of Warcraft weapon for a walk in your every day life City..