Game Design with Unity3D (Practical Experience II)
Tutorial 1
Mathias Fuchs,

The Unity3D Interface

Unity3D is a modern game editing and playing environment.

We will start with a very simple scene, that you can download here (30.0 MB zipped file). Unzip and place on your deskop or elsewhere at your convenience.

This tutorial deals with the editor's interface as you will find it in version 4.63.

Screen Layout of the Editor

The interface can be broken down into five main sections, these are:
1) The horizontal menu bar, where you can find the menu items File, Edit, Assets, Game Object, Component, Window, and Help  


2) The project window, that contains all of your assets,
i.e. 3D-objects, sounds,scripts,textures, etc.

3) The hierarchy window, that shows a hierarchical view of the assets you have already placed in the scene.  


4) The inspector, that displays numerical information about asset variables.

5) The scene window (that turns into the game window when we preview the game in play mode).