Game Design with Unity3D
2026000 Practical Experiences in Digital Media II

Lecturers: Mathias Fuchs, Lies van Roessel

Hands-on Workshop (Group Projects)

Thursday, 9:45 a.m. 1:15 p.m.

Level: 3rd semester students
Required Skills: Basic knowledge of the Windows or the Macinosh operating system is required, some experience with Photoshop or PaintShop Pro and a sound editor (SoundForge, Wavelab or similar) is helpfull. Expertise in a 3D modelling software like Studio Max, Maya or Lightwave is not mandatory, it could increase the quality of the work delivered though.


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Tutorial 1 (Editor interface)
Tutorial 2 (import 3D models)
Tutorial 3 (aesthetics)


Students will form project groups (ideally 4 to 7 students each) to develop a joint projec.Each group should build a considerably complex prototype for a scene using Unity3D (Version 4.63 or later). The scene should contain textures and sounds which are not only taken from the packages delivered as standard assets, but should rather be the sounds and images generated by the students. The scene should be the result of a Game Concept and a Game Design Document and should contain either
- an element of narrative,
- an implementation of a gameplay idea, or
- a formal/aesthetic development.

What is a narrative? In this case it could be a short story about a place, a person, a historic event, a political situation or about yourself.

What is a formal development? This is a sequence of sounds and images which feel consistent in respect to the progression of an aesthetic or formal idea. This sequence could lead from narrow and claustrophobic to wide and free, e.g.
It could also be a sequence leading from high to low, from hot to cool, from square to hip, from conservative to progressive etc. Please don't stick to the examples, use your imagination and your own ideas.

The participants of the module are supposed to deliver a brief statement in written form explaining her or his idea for the game prototype she or he designed.