Design 1, Design 3 (Computer and Video Games)
Unit 12 - 18th December 2001

Using Decorations

As we have seen, using .dxf Files for importing models into Unreal has certain disadvantages. One of those is the fact that models added as brushes can not be displayed with smooth edges. William Islington Sherriff is one of the friendly persons who provided the Unreal community with 3D models

We want to add a payphone as shown to the right to our level.

First thing we have to do is to download the appropriate package to our computer.

Download for a number of technical devices

and for different animals like wild goose, rabits and others.

There is also a collection of trees and forest equipment available.

Once we have downloaded and unzipped them successfully, we have to add this line to our UnrealTournament.ini file:

Save and close your UnrealTournament.ini and start UnrealEd.

Let's start by entering our level. Obi-wan is desperately running around to find a payphone.

We have a level with lights and a playerstart as well as a lot of other stuff in it. But no payphone.

When we open the classes browser now, we will find additional classes in the "Decoration" subclasses. These classes all start with the letters "WS".

Select any of the WSPayPhones and click at the location in the 3D-window, where you want your payphone to be located.




Now right click to open a pop-up menu and select "Add WSPayPhone here".


Ready to call for help!