Recently Asked Questions

This page contains a list of questions and problems concerning UnrealTournament.
The links point to possible solutions, downloadable maps and material of different kind.

Right click on the image above to download the example DM-MossSide.ut2 (5MB)

  Simon White How do I create a rotating mesh ?
  Giuseppe Lucido Why do my StudioMax objects have an invisible inside ?

Toby Land

Why do coronas only show up in the Editor and not during gameplay?

I don't know yet.

Mathias Fuchs

The dynamic light never works in my level. What's wrong?

According to UDN that's a bug.
  Nguyen van Ngoc (Applied Arts University, Vienna) I want to record an action movie taking place in an Unreal level to digital video. How do I transfer the computer output to video tape?
  Kolt Wilson I want to get my vertexanimation from Studio Max into Unreal. It does not move there however.
  Tony Murphy How do I build a hanging sign for a museum?