Design II and IV
Lecturer: Mathias Fuchs, School of Art & Design
Lecture and Hands-on Workshop

Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Design IV)
Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Design II)

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Module aims and objectives:

· To introduce students to different methods and artistic approaches towards 3D object design and character design for computer games.
· To introduce students to the basic design elements of 3D computer games through practical work.


· Each student should be able to build a set of at least 4 different low-poly models using StudioMax, Lightwave, Milkshape, Teddy or another 3D modelling package. The models should contain textures and a geometry which are not taken from the packages delivered with UnrealTournament, but should rather be generated by the student. The models have to be converted properly to a format UnrealEd reads. A level should be built within UnrealEd containing the models in a meaningful way. The models should aesthetically fit into the level and should contain an element of narration or aesthetic development.

· The participant of the module is supposed to deliver a brief statement in written or verbal form explaining her or his idea for the level she or he designed.The participant should explain, why she or he thinks, that the 3D models fit well into the enviroment. The participant should also point out, what the design guidelines for the models and the level were.

Hand-in Deadline: Wednesday, Friday, May 19th 2003, cvg office

The lectures/ tutorials will take place on:

Presentation of module content, discussion with students about their individual wishes and demands for the forthcoming semester.
Critical discussion of last year's projects and the desired extensions in regard to 3D models, static meshes and animated maeshes.
How to model a low-poly object
How to get the low-poly object into UT2003
Size, polygon count, skins, display parameters, file formats
Animated objects, mesh animation vs. skeletal animation
Easter Break
Self Directed Work
Presentation of the semester's project

1. A model taken from Poser... 2. ...will be exported to another 3D modelling package, and reduced in polygon count there. 3. Finally  the model will be imported into UT2003 in order to be manipulated and used there.





Unreal Scripting methods and examples for actor scripting will be presented and explained on students' demand. The students are encouraged to use Unreal Script for the design of their final work. The final work consists of a level built within UnrealEd containing at least four 3D models.