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Survival Research Laboratories : Flame Hurricane. 2001

Fig.: SRL: Flame Hurricane


"First live test of the Flame Hurricane completed
on 10/23/01 next to Islais Creek in SF. All went
well with wind speeds of around 60 mph. An army
Chemical Warfare Smoke generator was used to check air movement characteristics. Four setups were tested.
Each creating different rotating air movements.
Reports indicate the sound from the 5 screaming pulsejets could be heard 5 miles away. Next test will be with the fuel pump putting 1-3 gallons a second into the hot air flow. This test will not take place in SF as the police arrived and indicated that we were not to test the unit again in SF under threat of arrest and incarceration, unless of course, we secured numerous permits.

We are looking for individuals with property in a remote area within 70 miles of the SF bay Area to set up an extended test of the Flame Hurricane.

Great free entertainment for an outdoor party."

(SRL, 2001)

Watch the Quicktime Video of the tests for "Flame Hurricane".


The Rotoreliefs were first shown at opening of the 33rd concours lepine, the salon des inventions, at the parc des expositions, porte de varsailles. Duchamp has taken a tiny stand of three square meters to exhibit Rotoreliefs. In a joint venture with Henri Pierre Roche, 500 sets of six colored disks have been produced and were designed to be placed on a gramophone. Turningat the certain speed the disk give an impression of depth, Duchamp suggested that the optical illusions becomes more intense when viewed with only one eye.