Art &Technology
- Permutations

There are painters who have so strictly subscribed to one or a few formal elements, that their successive works can be interpreted as a permutation of formal parameters. In Daniel Buren's case one might argue that his stripes' colours could have been easily generate by a random generator.

Daniel Buren: Canvas 12. 1966

Fig.: Daniel Buren: Canvas 12. 1966

Fig.: Daniel Buren: De la Coureur de la Matière,
Natural and painted pine wood, 79 x 79 inches, 1945

Fig.: Daniel Buren: The Canvas/ 4 elements, wood, striped canavas, acrylic painting,
67 x 67 x 4, 1991


Buren works for varying spatial situations, his artistic vocabulary stayed however constant during the last 5 decades.

Fig.: Daniel Buren: Wide White Space, 1969

Buren's language is not only stable in respect to time, it seems to be almost indifferent in regard to the medium which it is carried by. Watch the examples underneath for a comparative vue on works made for the medium of banners and canvas paintings.

Fig.: Daniel Buren: Banners for the Centre international d'art in Motréal

Fig.: Daniel Buren: Exposition "18", Galery Georges Verney-Carron


The question might be posed whether Buren's work can be characterized as permutative, aleatoric or even randomatic in some respect. Click here for a Daniel Buren Random Art Generator.