Uncanny: April 2005, Providence Rhode Island/ USA


A Game about the Uncanny
(Steve Dixon, Mathias Fuchs, Andrea Zapp, Paul Sermon)

An Unreal game level provides a telematic stage design for two actresses playing in Salford and reacting upon the environments they are walking through in telepresence.

Right-Click on the images and select "Save Target As..." to download high resolution images for print.

These environments consist of a supermarket where the words on the commodities change in a strange way.

The Greek Feta cheese which just a moment ago looked tasty and harmless changes into a Thanatos monument.

And the delicious salsa "Harissa" is re-branded from "Le Phare du Cap Bon" to "Le Phalle du Cap Bon". Sigmund Freud would certainly have commented on.

There are however different connotations possible in regard to the the room: The cityscape of food packages is a hommage to New York as well as a reference to the subconscious.

The Sign Room contains traffic signs which offer alternatives for a walkthrough: Heaven or Hell?

Art or Life?

Right or Wrong? And Right or Left?