Virtual Jean-Claude Risset: 2003 and 2004, Marseille, Paris/ F and Manchester/ UK

Virtual Jean-Claude Risset

Virtual Jean-Claude Risset (with Jean-Claude Risset, Don Foresta and Umran Ali)
A lecture by French composer Jean-Claude Risset has been transformed into a Virtual Knowledgespace, which allows users/ listeners to interactively navigate through the 3D environment consiting of Risset's words, music and images. The game was first presented at SCGlobal in Pittsburgh on 4th November 2004.

Mathias Fuchs
LevelDesign, Art, Models, Programming
Jean Claude-Risset
Music, Text, Photographic Material Words
Don Foresta
Concept and Organisation
Umran Ali
Risset avatar

Virtual Jean-Claude Risset. Risset avatar in front of a score and a photo from the 1960ies.

supported by

IRCAM, Paris Centre Pompidou
Access Grid, Manchester
and the Arts Council of England

Virtual Jean-Claude Risset

A pioneering composer of computer music, Jean-Claude Risset began exploratory work in the 1960s. In his Virtual Faculty lecture on 10 December he will talk about music, illusions, auditory and visual deception.

He is most well known as one of the principal pioneers of computer sound synthesis along with Max Mathews and John Chowning.

We now, thanks to EU funding, have a team at Wimbledon and expect the MARCEL project to be fully operational this year, as well as other projects from the Souillac meetings. The MARCEL network began last year with the first permanent connections over the academic network between members. It was inaugurated in December with artistic events between the Wimbledon School of Art in London, Ryerson University in Toronto and Le Fresnoy in Lille, France.

Testing and experimenting continued during the academic year with the following correspondents:
Ryerson University, Toronto Canada
Le Fresnoy, Lille, France
University of Maine, USA
University of Calgary, Canada
Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland
University of Montpellier, France
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
Salford University, UK

Virtual Jean-Claude Risset:
Screenshot of the Level seen from above

Virtual Jean-Claude Risset:
AccessGrid Interface, Marseille (main window) and 10 other sites (inserts showing Manchester, Maine, Ryerson University)

Virtual Jean-Claude Risset:
Screenshot of Risset avatar in front of a score and a photo from the 1960ies.