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curated by Ernst Strouhal, Florian Bettel, Mathias Fuchs

Conference GAMES
Ludic Society - Ludic Arts? Games as a popular cultural medium of art.

Kunsthalle Wien project space karlsplatz.
Presentations and Round-table with Mathias Fuchs (Manchester), Ernst Strouhal (Wien), Margarete Jahrmann (Zürich), Max Moswitzer (Wien), Kristian Lukic (Novi Sad), Sergius Kodera (Wien), Robert Pfaller (Linz), Peter Purgathofer (Wien), Axel Stockburger (Wien), Ulrich Schädler (Frankfurt, La-Tour-de-Peilz), Paul Sermon (Manchester) and Isabelle Arvers (Marseille).

Kunsthalle Wien (project space karlsplatz)
28 May 2008

Isabelle Arvers (Marseille), Kristian Lukic (Novi Sad)
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Isabelle Arvers is a new media curator, critic and author, specializing in video and computer games, web animation and digital cinema.

Kristian Lukic is a founding member of Eastwood Real Time Strategy Group

Robert Pfaller (Linz)
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Robert Pfaller is a. Univ. - Prof. für Kulturwissenschaft und Kulturtheorie and author of numerous publications ("Die Illusionen der anderen: Über das Lustprinzip in der Kultur")

Paul Sermon (Manchester), Margarete Jahrmann (Zürich)
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Paul Sermon is media artist and Professor for Creative Technology at School of Art and Design, Salford University

Margarete Jahrmann is founder of the research affiliation Ludic Society
and a lecturer at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Zürich

Sergius Kodera (Wien)
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Sergius Kodera is Univ.-Doz. für Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaft at New Design University St. Pölten

Peter Purgathofer (Wien), Axel Stockburger (Wien)
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Peter Purgathofer is a musician, media designer and senior lecturer at

Axel Stockburger is a media artist and lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

Ulrich Schädler (Frankfurt, La-Tour-de-Peilz)
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Archaeologist (Greek and Roman Archaeology, Prehistory), Director of the Swiss Museum of Games (Musée Suisse du Jeu) at La Tour-de-Peilz at the Lake Geneva; member of "Iniativgruppe Königstein" for chess historical research; numerous articles in "Spielbox" and "Fachdienst Spiel".

Max Moswitzer (Wien)
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Artist and Hardwarehacker

Mathias Fuchs (Manchester), Ernst Strouhal (Wien)
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Mathias Fuchs is a composer, game artist and media critic
and Programme Leader in MA Creative Technology and MSc Creative Games at Salford University

ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Ernst Strouhal is Professor at University of Applied Arts in Vienna and author of numerous publications

photos at project space karlsplatz by Stefan Feiner